About Us

Elite is a diversified group that handles activities in various sectors such as Food Processing, Food Retail and Organic Foods. The Elite Food Division runs one of the largest food companies in South India that retails to more than 60,000 outlets in India through a network of 1,100 distributors. The company has an annual turnover of Rs. 4,500 million, out of which 15% comes from International Businesses alone. The Group’s food sector is powered by 11 quality driven high-tech manufacturing facilities that run all across India.

Elite is an ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP certified company that has adopted a Total Productivity Maintenance policy under the guidance of the renowned Japanese Institute of Productivity Management (JIPM). With more than 150 SKU’s, the group has the capacity to supply over 600 mts of branded products daily with stringent safety and quality control through its HACCP certified plants. Being the pioneer of its own milling units, Elite Group has a great Milling Story to tell to its customers. A story, which boasts of the excellent quality control the brand has been following since the start from producing a wide spectrum of non-adulterated natural products, to its state of the art packaging and delivering procedures. Our excellent business and management systems supported by ISO 22,000 and TQM ensure quality that par excels at all levels.

Spreading their operations across 5 continents and many global markets including UAE, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Maldives, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Hong Kong & Israel, Elite have been attracting customers from all over the globe by delivering the best quality, superior taste products along with the promise of good health. With a production and processing base in Kerala, Elite has successfully captured the global market and are now exploring future opportunities.



Vision – ‘The Food Factory to the World’
By offering Healthy, Nutritious, Safe, Economical Food Products to consumers across the Globe.

Our vision is supported by our values
Excellence-Customer Focus-innovations-Passion- Empowerment Motivation - Change - Knowledge


To offer excellent quality of life through healthy products using high quality raw materials, superior techniques and best practices.

To Ensure Zero-carbon emission in the coming years by adopting and practicing environment friendly policies.

To constantly innovate through experience & extensive industrial exposure.


The key elements of Elite Quality and Foods Safety are

Food Safety :

Elite food`s commitment to the health and safety of its consumers ensures adherence to the highest levels of quality, safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing processes and in the supply chain. All manufacturing units are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) / ISO-22000 certified and in compliance with National /International standards.

Regulatory Compliance :

Elite is committed to comply with all national FSSAI, LM etc. and importing country regulations to meet the national and international regulatory standards from time to time.

Taste , Healthy & Convenience :

Our products delight millions of households with a wide range of natural ingredients developed by leveraging our in-house R&D capabilities. The product range thus offers great quality and delivers Taste, healthy and convenience to our consumers.

Quality Leadership through Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement :

We continuously benchmark our products against competition on key attributes viz. appearance, Color, Shape, Texture, Aroma, Softness, Taste/Mouth Feel in order to renovate our products and achieve “Quality leadership” in market place.

Product Innovation basis key consumer trends :

We understand the gradual shift of consumers towards Healthy& Nutritious foods and continuously reinventing our product portfolio to meet the expectation of new age consumers both on Taste & Health platform in conformance to our Brand Promise of “Elite- Good for you”.

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